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Do you ever get tired of playing the same old bingo game? Don’t worry, LetsBingo offers a variety of games that are your ticket to freedom from boredom! Whether you like playing a harmless bingo game in between work breaks, or prefer the amped-out LIVE bingo experience, LetsBingo has got you covered. Take a look at our games, they’re sure to get you hooked.
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Why Lets Bingo

Win real money without having to invest! It won’t cost a thing to play and you can win real dough! LetsBingo!
Socialize with players from around the world along with our host Bubba, while playing and chatting away on our real-time weekly LetsBingo Game Show!
Set up private games with friends and family to experience a cozy, yet exhilarating Bingo experience!
Play on the go: whenever, wherever. A LetsBingo game is available for play whenever! Maintain your winning streak by scoring countless points and power-ups!
Climb up the weekly leaderboard against LetsBingo champions. Win exclusive LetsBingo merchandise and power-ups!
Keep the fun going through LetsBingo’s constant promotions and addition of new features!
Become a sponsor for a LIVE LetsBingo Game Show and promote your brand in front of numerous national and international players. Digital marketing like never before!
Boost team bonding and morale by challenging colleagues and team members over a fun game of LetsBingo Private.
Purchase power-ups and increase your chances of winning at LetsBingo All Day games!

Bingo games

Bingo Features

Bingo Points

Winning a LetsBingo game leads to our players accumulating some well-deserved bingo points. Bingo points are the gateway to success for our Leaderboard Prizes. The more points you have, the higher you climb. The best part is that we give prizes every week to our Top 3 players and then reset the board so every week all our players have a new chance to win a prize! Every called number you mark on your card earns you 1 point. If you win the game, you earn 50 points. There’s no losing when it comes to winning more points: it's a win-win situation!


Power-ups are your best friend when it comes to LetsBingo. By having power-ups in stock, Bingo lovers can utilize them during a game in order to win. A power-up allows you to mark a random square on the bingo card as a free space; serving as a number required to complete your pattern and being the first one to press BINGO. The more power-ups you have, the more the chances of you climbing up as the Leaderboard winner! LetsBingo offers a package of 10 power-ups priced at $1.99; perfect for winning!

Weekly Leaderboard

LetsBingo loves healthy competition and a challenging race to the finish line. This is why the app offers a Weekly Leaderboard, where players compete to be at the top every week. The leaderboard is divided into tiers of Gold, Silver and Bronze, which refers to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position respectively, followed by other ranks of winners as well. Upon the end of a week, the leaderboard is updated to the current LetsBingo ranking and some outweigh others in their rank according to their total points gained throughout the week. The more you play, the more you win and gain points, which takes you closer to reaching the top of the leaderboard every week. Who knows, maybe the competitive spirit of winning will get you the Gold! The higher the level, the bigger the reward. *Points and power-ups apply strictly to LetsBingo All Day games and cannot be used during LetsBingo Game Show or Private

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play LetsBingo for free?

    LetsBingo is a completely free Bingo app that allows you to play with no money required. Infact, LetsBingo offers cash prizes to those who win in the weekly LIVE games, which too, are free to play! The only game that requires payment is LetsBingo Private; a personalised and secluded bingo game.

  • What are the rules of LetsBingo?

    Each LetsBingo game will have a new pattern of play and a different cash prize. Game will stop immediately after someone presses Bingo, so first to press BINGO wins.

  • How can I win cash prizes?

    There are LIVE LetsBingo Game Shows set up every week, and whoever manages to win that game, gets a cash prize. Anyone is eligible to win and everyone has an equal chance of winning.

  • How will I receive my prize money?

    All winners will be required to fill in a User Profile form with their payment information. Payments will be made via PayPal or Zelle QuickPay; at the winner’s discretion. Anyone under the age of 16 will need an adult to claim the prize. Prizes over $400 will be required to fill out a 1099 form for tax purposes only.

  • How can I buy power-ups?

    The purchase of power-ups is strictly applied to LetsBingo Daily games. You can purchase a package of 10 power-ups for $1.99 from our LetsBingo Android and iOS app by adding your card details.

  • How can I set up a Private Bingo game?

    LetsBingo offers an easy and seamless process in order to set up a private game. You can either fill out the form mentioning some essential details, and the team at LetsBingo will get back to you with a reply, or a simple email can be sent at requesting for information regarding a private game.

  • How can I become a Sponsor?

    LetsBingo ensures to make your sponsorship and branding partnership worthwhile. Please visit the Become a Sponsor page to view all relevant details.

Contact us

We love hearing from our Bingo lovers! LetsBingo has a friendly team ready to help you with any questions or to set up Private Games. Pop us an email at with your query or request mentioned, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

LetsBingo takes complaints very seriously and tries to resolve them in the best and most appropriate way. If you have any complaints, just reach out to us through our email, and we will do our best to sort the issue quickly.