In-app advertising is at an all-time high with potential customers always a click away. According to the recent State of the Internet Report, smartphone users spend 89% of their total mobile screen time on apps. LetsBingo offers the prime opportunity to advertise during the LIVE hosted game of LetsBingo Game Show. The LetsBingo iOS and Android apps provide companies and brands the perfect platform to increase brand exposure. With players signing in from around the world, LetsBingo offers a wide variety of customers and consumers. In order to give our sponsors the most out of a sponsorship deal, LetsBingo’s in-app advertising offers endless marketing opportunities.

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Why use LetsBingo to advertise?

The best FREE Bingo game that gives out prize money; bound to attract innumerable potential customers.
Large pool of players from around the world! LetsBingo offers a seamless way to promote to national and international players.
A vast range of ages; from adolescents to older people. LetsBingo caters to every target audience, creating a high chance for you to acquire new customers.
Features and games that keep players engaged and hooked in a playing loop, which means numerous opportunities for your brand to be advertised.
A variety of sponsorship packages that cater to everyone.

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